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Welcome to where, you guessed it, is the home for all the most current odds to win X-Factor. Here, we're going to keep you updated on the latest happenings and discuss how that translates into the betting odds for X-Factor competitors. Keep checking back as this site is going to be updated all the time especially as the current X-Factor season progresses.

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How To Bet On X Factor

Betting on X Factor is a pretty easy proposition as long as you know where to do it at. For all X Factor betting, we recommend Bovada because they are on top of their game when it comes to getting odds up quickly after eliminations, and other big news.

So, how do you bet on X Factor? Well, there are a number of ways but the most popular way is to bet on the winner. Pick the person or group you think will win the X Factor and if they do win, you win. Depending on how well the group or person is viewed, the odds will change. The favorites will obviously pay out lower than the longshots but if you think you have some inside knowledge or a gut feeling, take a longshot because that is where the big money is at.

All Ways To Bet On X Factor

  • Future Odds On X Factor Winner
  • Bet On The Winning Judge
  • Bet On The Winning Group
  • New X Factor Betting Odds

    Available 3/2/12: Who Will Win Season Two Of The X Factor?

    Male: +120
    Female: Even
    Groups: +400

    The odds shown above are simple enough... Which group is going to win season two of the X Factor USA. Instead of having the four groups which the show's format centers around, Bovada combined all the individual groups into males or females. Age is not an issue when it comes to this bet.

    As you can see, the females (1 to 1) are favored to win and for good reason, a female won last year. The males aren't too far behind at +120 (6 to 5) but the groups do not seem to stand a chance as they are marked with +400 (4 to 1) odds. These odds were just released today and should be available through the end of season two.

    Best Place To Bet On X Factor

    As you may or may not have read already, Bovada is the best place online to place wagers on the X Factor competition. Bovada is the best simply because they are always in tune with what's currently going on. They adjust their odds regularly and make them available for betting as much as they possibly can. If you want to bet with Bovada, click any of our text links or banners and you will be taken there to sign up for a new account. You will need to deposit in order to bet, but when you do, know that you are eligible for a 20% to $100 new player bonus as a nice welcome gift. It really pays to bet with Bovada. Go To Bovada